Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Promise: A Word From CEO, Dan McDonald

April 19, 2024

Companies from all industries are committed to bettering the global environment, social surroundings, and ethical governance. While many environmental, social, and governance (ESG) statements may seem overused, 86Borders prioritizes the importance of speaking out on such matters. In fact, improving the wellness of our communities is fundamental to everything we do.

As a healthcare Member Relationship Management (MRM) company, 86Borders relies on strong community relationships to ensure successful care coordination for health plan members. In turn, our internal teams and management leaders treat every individual and entity across the healthcare continuum fairly and respectfully, which entails adhering to ESG principles.

Upholding the Environment

86Borders has always valued remote workforce opportunities, supporting tremendous strides toward carbon neutrality. 86Borders recognizes and relies on the tremendous value of its surrounding community organizations to support health plan members and provide sustainable care coordination. This is especially true for underserved populations such as DSNP and Medicaid members.

Serving these unique member populations requires a deep understanding of their needs and the community around them. For example, 86Borders taps into Community and Faith-Based Organizations as one way to improve vulnerable members’ standard of living and overall health.

One of our priorities is the ecological sustainability of the environment that upholds our member communities. We’re committed to enhancing local ecosystems and communities for current residents and future generations.

Ensuring Social Impact

Celebrating diversity and inclusion is prioritized at 86Borders and through those we serve. Each employee is invaluable in their contribution to making a positive social impact. Furthermore, our company takes pride in our staff—70% of whom are women and many of them are mothers, or single mothers. We recognize tremendous value in each and every staff member, and are proud that our work model allows them the flexibility they may need.

All employees contribute to our successful MRM approach through their member-first service philosophy. Our diversified and unique care coordinator teams foster long-term relationships with vulnerable members to ensure successful care coordination, drive positive change in their lives and improve health outcomes.

Maintaining Effective Governance

As co-founder and CEO, I lead the company to uphold high ethical standards with employee well-being in mind. To do so, 86Borders ensures effective governance through compliance, risk management, data privacy, and corporate governance.

We take our responsibility to protect member information in three key ways:

  • Uphold integrity and strict protection processes for all sensitive data
  • Comply with all legal, regulatory, and best practices
  • Extend data privacy measures throughout the management of our organization

86Borders at Its Core

86Borders foundationally ensures empathetic and trusted relationships with members. We uphold the same values in our approach to leadership, staff engagement, and all aspects of our company operations.

Prioritizing equitable interactions is a byproduct of our successful MRM model, which extends to staff, leadership, health plan customers, and Community-Based Organizations. Upholding environmental, social, and governance values goes hand in hand with our commitment to improving healthcare.

To view our official ESG Promise, click here.